December 1, 2020
  • 6:01 pm IOS Configuration Mistakes
  • 5:50 pm Power BI Desktop: How to determine a Connectivity mode for a query? Can I change it?
  • 3:43 pm Dell Technologies Brings the Power to Oracle Open World
  • 2:25 pm RHEL 8.0 and Support for Ejected Adapters. – Vebasystems.
  • 6:02 pm New Dell EMC ECS Software and Hardware Innovation Updates.

In RHEL 8.0, support for a better number of hardware devices has been ejected.A list of ejected adapters with their machine IDs can be begin in this RHEL documentation. We afford support for some of those that are still rather commonly used today. You can check your machines IDs (as shown by lspci -nn) against our list of promoted devices.

(1) Installation of the OS desire a driver for your hardware. We afford driver update disks (DUD). You can also download them from here or in the corresponding directory of our sites. Each DUD image consists a driver in the form of a kmod package. The installer is apparent to find the driver. If this does not happened, you need to attach the inst.dd option to the boot command line. For details please see Performing an boost driver update.

(2) The installation alter installs the kmod package for your adapter. Commonly, because of the kABI-tracking nature of kmod, there is no need to re-install the driver upon each newly kernel update. However, it was found that the present version of dracut in RHEL 8.0 has a bug and the initramfs image of a new kernel does not consists of the kernel module from the installed kmod package. As a result, the newly kernel fails to boot.

As an meantime solution for the problem in (2), we provide a dracut package with a patch that may dilemma the bug here:

Install this version of dracut and then update the new kernel. The system now should boot ordinarily.

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