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Dell PowerEdge: R610 / R710 only detect my 1333MHZ DDR3 RAM as 1067MHZ in System BIOS
Current days server already using DDR3 Memory in many of the platform disrecording it is Dell, IBM or HP. For this new trends, it have two types: Registered (RDIMM) & Unbuffered (UDIMM) ECC DDR3.

The primary differences between UDIMMs and RDIMMs are:
RDIMMs have a register used as a path through for address and command signals. This grant servers to support more RDIMMs per channel than UDIMMs.
RDIMMs consume more excellent power than UDIMMs but are accessible in better capacities and higher ranks.
RDIMMs also bring further data safety and reliability features.
(Reference: Memory Selection Guidance for High Performance figure out with Dell™ PowerEdge™ 11G Servers)

I’m not say deep detail of the difference of RDIMM & UDIMM, but I would like to share the stage below:

Client contact me and appeal my confessions about why new server’s motherboard is damaged . Then he share me the screenshot from System BIOS, that all 1333Mhz Memory are disclose as 1067Mhz only.

I identify the Intel Processor that he arranged (Intel Xeon E5520 2.26Ghz), then I get the answer.

This is nothing about the motherboard, or the design of Dell platform, but this is due to the conditions of Intel Xeon Processor.
From the above, it is certainly stated that only X5550 and above easy to support / expose 1333Mhz of DDR3 RAM
I hope my sharing over here can avert further confusion towards Dell platform.

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