September 25, 2020
  • 6:01 pm IOS Configuration Mistakes
  • 5:50 pm Power BI Desktop: How to determine a Connectivity mode for a query? Can I change it?
  • 3:43 pm Dell Technologies Brings the Power to Oracle Open World
  • 2:25 pm RHEL 8.0 and Support for Ejected Adapters. – Vebasystems.
  • 6:02 pm New Dell EMC ECS Software and Hardware Innovation Updates.

The Dell PowerEdge M905’s exceptional I/O capacity is enhanced by its ability to deliver highly available, fully redundant I/O to the system motherboard on all three fabrics. This is critically important in data centers where high availability and redundancy are a must.


  • Processors: Up to Six-Core AMD Opteron
  • Chipset: NVIDIA MCP55 , Chassis: 15.2 H x 2 W x 19.2 D
  • Memory: 24 DIMM slots; Support up to 192GB using 24 x 8GB DIMMs
  • Maximum Internal Storage: Up to 600GB per blade via two 2.5″ 300GB hot-swappable SAS (10k rpm) hard drives
  • Embedded Hypervisor via SD card (optional): VMware Infrastructure 3, standard or enterprise; with VMware ESXi 3.5 OR Citrix XenServer Dell Express & Enterprise Editions